Aug 29, 2010

"We get back whatever that don't belong to you....," Repo Men

You owe people debts...

They come for you to get back what you owe them...

The thing is, they do not want your money, your car, your house....They come after for your ORGANS~

The price list.....

This is what a repo men do in this movie. They go for people who owe them ORGANS~~~and get back the organ from them. This movie starring Jude Law (A hot and sexy actor that I dont feel he is that hot and sexy as they said.), Forest Whitaker (Love his act in Vantage Point which is one of my favourite movie!!!), Alice Braga and Liev Schreiber (Bros of Wolverine, Sabretooth~).

In this movie, Jude Law and Forest Whitaker is the repo men that collect organ from those people who didn't pay their "Organ's debt"...which is ald overdue. What they do is, they collect the artificial organ which is known as artiforg in this movie. From eyes to name it, they have it!!! (Any order???)

Jude Law not Dr.Watson in Repo Men, he just cut the "patient" and go, ya...cut, collect and go!

As a procedure, they will ask you whether you would like to call the ambulance or whatever, but before you manage to answer them or, most probably you're ald pass out after they shoot you with the stun gun, they ald started their jobs....using a not-so-pro doctor surgery method, straight away cut through your body and get the artificial organs from you. (Nope, don't expect they help you to seal the wound, they are repo men, not a doctor.)

However, in a case, Jude Law got into an accident.....a bad one.

Jude Law got stunned away by a....device.

This damaged his heart...and a russian doctor help him to put in a pacemaker and generator as his heart and he become Iron Man. No, I was just kidding. (Robert Downey jr take the role of Iron man, so Jude Law have to take the role in Repo Men.) Somehow, he has become one of the client of the artificial organs...he got himself an artificial heart.

Well, I guess you know what happen next...he can't pay the debt and due date is coming closer....

Jude Law talking to his boss. The Sabretooth...

He has to work more to pay his debt but he found out that he can't do that anymore...because everytime he went to collect the organs, he think of the victim have a family and kids as he did. Because he is the same with them, with an artificial organ in the body.

When the due date come, his best friend Forest whitaker is the one to collect his organ and he found out that the accident is not an accident but it is done by his best friend just because he didn't want Jude Law to quit his job. They fight on, Jude Law and another girl (Alice Braga) decide to go to the headquaters to destroy all the infomation and account so that no one would have suffer from the debt thingy. When Jude Law think that everything going well and he destroyed all the account and got to be with his girl , where his best friend (Forest Whitaker) help him in the end, he feel like something wrong....and a disaster happen to him in the end. It was all just a sweet dreams as Jude Law actually knocked out by his best friend during an early fight and Forest Whitaker get Jude Law a artificial neuro system which allowed human to live in a sweet dreams instead of dying.

How pathetic it is. Btw, I forgot to tell that this movie is kinda very bloody...they way they slice each other. Blood here and there. I feel so bad about the ending. I mean, I understood why Leonardo DiCarpio dropped out for the role of Jude Law in this movie (There will be too much if Leo starring in movie like Shutter Island, Inception and...only if, Repo Men as well). The same concept is using...almost. I can't say it is a very good movie but it is okay to watch. Not too boring but not too impressive.

But I love the tagline they having for this movie,

So now, you can drink as many as you want!!!

600,000 for one liver....interesting getting one? Make sure you have enough money or else your artificial organ end up being "robbed" by the repo men on the due date. I think among the artificial organ I would like to have that Opticol eye, something like can switch the color of your eyes. But I don't think I can paid the debt though.

Remember, you owe your family, you owe yourself, just sign the dotted line....

(PS : Look like repo men job is kinda high paid...but maybe someday the repo men will turn out to be one of the artiforg's client.)

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