Sep 4, 2010

Keith Urban New Album "Get Closer" hit the store this November

After the success of Defying Gravity which gives Keith two no.1 singles Only You Can Love Me This Way and Sweet Thing, he will be releasing his new album Get Closer in this November!!! (Hooray, it come faster than I thought!)

Wait, will be releasing in November...."light bulb" Bon Jovi's greatest hits will be released in the same month too!!! Another Urban or Jovi deal!!! It's okay, I will settle it myself.

The first single of this album "Put you in a song" will hit the radio on 13th of September!! (Just wondering will it be something like "Standing right in front of you"???) Again, Keith working with Dann Huff this time...not much worry on the music, which will not be a problem in every Keith Urban's album!! My prediction will be another great album is produced. I'm looking forward what kind of style will be for this album??? Last album Defying Gravity, Urban go plaid and short haircut which is very refreshing.

The only thing that I've been worrying this album available in Malaysia? Ehem, because last album is not available in Malaysia (I've search over all the store available in's a Nay!). But thanks god, how nice is Keith Urban and his community for sending me a copy of Defying Gravity!!! I really appreciate that! Thank you soooo much. So, this time I hope that Keith will be releasing his "Get Closer" album here!

(PS : For the Jovi or Urban thingy, I'll take both, Ultimate collection of Jovi's greatest hits and definately a copy of Urban's "Get Closer", my birthday album wishlist is here!! I think I will add in Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban in the list as well, send me this two people!!)

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