Sep 9, 2010

The DUE DATE is here!!

Iron Man (Robert Downey jr) rushing for the birth of his child with Alan Garner (Zach Galifianakis) from the Hangover and the accompany of Mr. Ayers (Jamie Foxx) that played the biola all along the journey!!

This is going to be a hilarious journey!!

Check out the new comedy by RDJ, Zach Galifianakis and Jamie Foxx which will hit the cinema on 5th of November!!

I'm not very sure whether is this gonna be a great comedy but definately will be going for this flick as RDJ is in it!! I'm gonna give a second try when RDJ goes into comedy again (Last one Tropic Thunder I only found that RDJ part is interesting, I saying this not because I'm a big fans of him, that's the truth!!). But I think Zach is a guarantee for this comedy...and Todd Phillips will let you laugh till you cry in a comedy!!

(PS : Hughie...Jackman quit from Avon Man because he need to get ready for the Wolverine Origin 2. Hmm, we get to see the muscle again!! I strongly recommend Hollywood to make Beauty and the Beast movie by casting Jackman as the beast!!! He's the chosen one! Just my POV.)

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