Dec 20, 2011

Death hoax : Jon Bon Jovi still rocking the world !!!

Yes, if you're on Twitter, you probably notice #bonjovidead is trending and when you search through Google, "jon bon jovi dead" will be the first thing come up first. So, the Rock and Roll world just lost one of the greatest legend.....HELL NOOO!!!!

I almost come to a heart attack when I saw the news (how do I live without Bon Jovi!!!) but as a smart fans, I still go through double check and thanks god, Jon himself did something to proves that he's still ALIVE and looking good (my POV!)!!

Jon tweeted that, "Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey!"

So, Jon Bon Jovi finally use his twitter, to proves that he's still alive!!! God bless the man and the band. They need to rock the fans for a few more decades or one millennium before they can really rest in peace! I mean, I come so close feeling how is it like to lose my favorite musician for the first time. I know this post sound so personal, yeah, of course because I'm die hard BJ fans!

Just wish that those people won't simply spread stupid death hoax of celebrity again. First of all, you get a lot of trouble to the celebs themselves by receiving tons of mails, emails, messages to confirm the news, secondly, you scare the hell out of their fans!!! Well, now we probably can sit back and listen to "I'll sleep when I'm dead" by the man himself, ehem, I mean singing "Have a Nice Day" to those who spreading the hoax around!

(PS : Can't wait for their next album!)

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