Dec 31, 2011

Sherlock Holmes 2 : A Game of Shadows review

It's a long wait for the Holmes fans, the sequel Sherlock Holmes 2 is, I would rather said satisfying for me.

See the hot pair doing their detective job!

The cast is as always amazing. It starts with a slow pace, bored me a bit at the beginning but once it get on the track and the action pack came in, it's a mind blowing thingy! This time the plot get around Professor M aka Moriarty, Holmes biggest enemy or you can say Holmes is Moriarty biggest enemy in another way round.

Jude Law and Robert Downey Jr perform really well as Watson and Holmes. They're the right pair, seriously. When they're together, they start showing their comedy talent to the audience. It's really hilarious especially when Sherlock throw Watson's wife off the train, superb. But, it's quite touchy, a bit of touchy for the Holmes dying scene but it cracked me up for the following scenes. Have a lot of laughing during this movie.

Wedding for Watson and his wife. Look how jealous Sherlock is.

I love how Guy Ritchie turn Sherlock Holmes into a martial art guy, all the action scene is awesome, especially the slow-mo scene where the explosion and the fighting happened. It's a genius movie, for Holmes and the director. But I think there will be a bit of confusion for those who didn't read the Holmes series, just a bit. But the action would sure overwhelmed you in this movie.

Compared the to prequel, I think this one is more towards into cracking the code and doing the detective thingy compared to the first one. Improvement, bravo, bravo! And applause to Stephen Fry as the role of Sherlock Holmes's brother. A delighting cast for the movie. I thought at first they will like to cast Brad Pitt as Prof. Moriarty, thanks God they didn't because it would be a too handsome Moriarty and I only realize that they did think of casting GARY OLDMAN!!!!! I wonder why it didn't work out! It would be PERFECT! But I think Jared Harris make a good Moriarty too, but would really love to see Gary Oldman as Moriarty.

Load of action scene.

Overall, it's a really nice movie. I mean it ends in a smart way (along the way too), the ending is really important for a movie. For this one, the ending help me to forget about a slight boring at the beginning. Just a slight bit of boringness in the beginning for me. I enjoy the disguise that Robert Downey Jr did in this movie. It's good, love Guy Ritchie's work and he shows us how smart is Sherlock Holmes, which he really is.

(PS : Downey buff up for the role, I can see it. He looks so sexy as women, haha!!! Congrats on his baby boy by the way.)

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