Jan 2, 2012

Sherlock the TV series Season 1 : Genius work!

Sherlock Holmes is not a uncommon movie and tv drama material in the entertainment industry, with so many remakes in the history. But to stand out among all, I think Sherlock the recent tv series starred by Benedict Cumberbatch as Holmes and Martin Freeman as Watson accomplish that, with an outstanding storyline, cast and background.

Sherlock and Watson.

The poster might seems something ain't right. Yes, it looks like, the clothing and setting is different. Because the plot take place in the 21st century, in London. Yes, that's the factor that make it different from other Holmes remake.

The Sherlock Holmes in this tv series is as weird as always, and smart, proud of himself, loves the violin, can't be friend with the others but only to Watson. He's a freak to everyone, he loves to "insult" most of the people and he loves texting, yes, it's 21st century anyway. Watson, kind, lovely, not as hot as the one in the movie (Jude Law) but still the Watson we know.

Let's rock whenever there's a crime!

Basically, most of the stuff is quite similar but the setting make a big difference. Like Holmes will go to lab, using microscope, found him emailing or texting, and he can speaks very fast when he's thinking.

The code cracking and solving case where the creator Moffat and Gatiss focus on makes this series much more interesting. It just getting more exciting and a bit edgy, you know where Sherlock get really excited whenever there's a case and his biggest nemesis get excited as well when he create a crime.

Holmes solving the cases and Watson helping.

I think Watson didn't help Holmes as much as we expect since he's an all rounder, almost, in the series. But it will make you hook on it. The connection between each clue and the crime make you feel like Holy Shite, THIS IS SHERLOCK HOLMES!!!! Genius! This is the part where the series outdo the movie (although I love RDJ and Jude Law and maybe Guy Ritchie so much! But the movie still great!). And I love Moriarty, my favorite among all the Moriarty that have been potrayed.

Just a genius piece of work. Worth watching. And I think 3 episodes in a season is not enough for me. Season 2 is released and I can't wait for season 3.

(PS : It's real good! )

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