Sep 27, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Real

The DiGi iPhone 4 Plans!!

Why it is the CHOSEN ONE for me?

Because iDiGi plan make it more affordable than affordable.

First of all, DiGi help all iPhone 4 freaks out there save lots of money for buying iPhone 4! The monthly payment really lessen the burden for paying in one shot (DiGi save all the purse and wallet!!)! And now, they even provide a plan that make you use the affordable iPhone in a more affordable way!! The iDiGi plan!!!

Steve Jobs is so happy that DiGi taking care of his iPhone users in Malaysia.

You can either choose iDigi 88, 138 or the 238 package. Or you can start from the lowest as you can UPGRADE them. DiGi give us a multi choice~~~I LOVE this! The monthly fee for the three packages will be Rm 63, RM 93 and RM 173 respectively. It's even cheaper if it is auto-billing. Can you see that? The figures, how much I can save from that!

iDiGi saving a lot of our money!!

Another reason will be, FREE stuff!!

Free call, sms, mms and internet depends on which packages are you using! These free stuff will make you able to fully utilised your iPhone function (instead after buying it, you try to save this and that by not sending mms and going online)!! I can use the FaceTime videocall features as much as I can!!!

Of course, the another reason will be none other than a perfect reason for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to use iDiGi plan. The cheaper call to Friends & Family up to 6 of them.

Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne! No wonder Brad do not decide to have another kids! Because this just fits the iDiGi plan for the Friends and Family free calls! :D

I mean this is real cool, because I can call my 6 FnF in a lower call rate. That would really "SAVE me a lot"......away from those HUGE figures bills.

Gonna sum up that, the DiGi iPhone 4 Plans SAVE us a lot.

( PS : For more infomation on the DiGi iPhone 4 plans, you can check out this link : )

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