Sep 27, 2010

Sushi Tei Pavillion KL

Few days ago, I went Pavillion for a walk with my pals.

I gotta admit that I didnt went there for some times and Bukit Bintang walk change a lot!!! Not only that, it's sad to know that one of my favourite brand outlet, Tough's Jeansmith in Pavillion closed down and one of my purpose for going Pavillion is to check out the Star War's collection in Adidas original shop. Guess what!? It's under renovation. Oops, that's MY DAY!!

However, we end up eating at Sushi Tei in Pavillion after wandering around twisting between Ding Tai Fung and Al-Amar.

Sushi Tei, a new choice of sushi restaurant in Pavillion.

I think this is quite new (for me) as I didn't notice it before for the VERY last time I went to Pavillion. It's located at the ground floor which near the food court area, a few shoplots away from Speedy (If not mistaken, I think should be one shoplot away).

The design is kinda different from the others japanese restaurant.

We're like flipping through the menu for quite a long duration~ Sushi Tei's rice (Those Don Don Don) and noodles (Those Ramen and Soba) are not really much choices for us (I'm expecting they will have something much different ). But the coolest thing is.....I finally found a Japanese Restaurant with UNI!!!!!!!

However, I didn't order the Uni. This is what we order for our lunch (Kinda heavy for me..).

Green Tea of Sushi Tei.

Soba, the white dipping sauce is weird.

Salmon and ikura don. Shiny Ikura!!! Yummy~

Hotate Mentai Tamago Don.....I HEART Hotate!!!!

Unagi Don, this is a HUGE unagi portion!

Forget what is the name (Go me na sai!!), but it is crab meat, egg roe inside and salmon with fried tofu filling with sushi rice. Thumbs up for this one!

I think that I would try the Sushi and Temaki in Sushi Tei for the next visit. Comparing their main cuisine and sushi, I think they have some really unique sushi that the others Japanese Restaurant don't have. I got hooked to Japanese food lately. Munch munch, targeting another Japanese Restaurant for next Pit Stop!!
(PS : The summer Star War's Adidas collection is over!! Now's Fall's collection!!! Can't stop playing Monster Hunter now! )


chris federick said...

I love sushi! That's why I worked in sushi king before and going to work in a new one soon haha.

Urbanae said...

That's cool!!
You must be expert in making sushi then!!!
Sila tunjuk ajar the way of making sushi. :)

chris federick said...

It's super easy. Now we can learn anything on youtube haha xD

J2Kfm said...

Yup, Sushi Tei's one of the better ones in KL. Had the one at Tropicana before. In comparison, I kind of liked Sushi Zanmai too.

Urbanae said...

Chris : LOL! We can learn anything from youtube but no guaratee it will succeed though. :D

J2Kfm : AGREE!! I think the softshell crab dishes in Zanmai is kinda good. So far, I havent found any japanese restaurant that is REALLY UNIQUE~~~