Sep 23, 2010

DiGi iPhone 4 Me

ALERT!!! DiGi launched the braaaannnnnnd neeeewwwwww iPhone 4!!!!

And.....DiGi, the Generous, is giving away iPhone 4! (Wow, Santa came earlier this year!!)

DiGi Yellow Santa, HOHOHO!!!

Why I want an iPhone 4 from DiGi???'s ALWAYS A SMARTER CHOICE to ask something from DiGi. They will COVER all they can for you~~ :)

First of all, from a perspective of a can I miss out the latest gadget that could lead us to the future!!! Do you know how it's like to own a gadget that make you feel like that you're standing on the edge of the future? It's like.....I'll tell you once I get that iPhone. (:P, haha!! )

iPhone 4, the trend killer gadget from the future!!

The FaceTime features which is really cool that we can make video call with our family. This is why I want the iPhone 4 from DiGi. Because I'm apart from my family to further my study (Oops, Urbanae's secret identity revealed....a student.). So, it will be much much much easier to have an iPhone with FaceTime features to have video call with my family. Ya know, it's kinda difficult to skype, msn all the time. Because with iPhone 4 in hand, just use one of your fingers to make that one MAGICAL tap on it, you're now able to talk and see as close as you wish to your family or friends!!!

And since, Urbanae, in science stream (Ooopsy, another secret identity revealed, a science student!! That's not important.) I carry out lot of experiment and actually one of the features in iPhone 4 will help me a lot!!! The Retina Display~~~~ARGH!!!

Why!? Because I need to capture the image of my experiment result like those cute microorganism thingy, structure of those stuff I observed under microscope. With the Retina Display!!! I can check out the my cute little microorganism SHARP and CLEAR!!!!

Micros observed under the Retina Display!! SEE!!! We can even see their eyes and mouth!! :D

Not only checking out the structure and stuff but also the text captured from books which will make it more easier and convenient for my study!

Of course, not only for my study.....(Hehe!!) If I'm going to a concert or snap an image of my favourite artist like Bon Jovi or Keith Urban (I just need to mention them!!), I can observe clearly after the concert event or the snap!!! Purr, I LOVE that Retina Display!!

The Multitasking features is also one of the reason why i want an iPhone 4 from DiGi (Do you hear me??) I can switching a few apps without slowing down the proggress. Check out my studies thingy, and when my mum away, switching it to continue a game that I was playing...Ehem!! Just kidding! Seriously, this would make my job easier!!! Not for that example I mentioned just now. :P

The HD video recording and camera is really complete me in the sense of either in work (mean study) or play!! 5 megapixel camera will definately enhance my image for my experiment's result (Can you imagine you can observe my friend, Mr. Frankenstein's good looking originally pale green face clearly?) or allow a closer view in a concert that I'm far away from a stage, the 5X ZOOM effect!!!

Or course, last but not least, this will be my perfect pre-21 birthday present. :)

The iPhone 4 is MINE!!!!

To sum up, the iPhone features plus the apps with the wide coverage of DiGi, YESSSS! This complete me!!!

(PS : Of course, not to forget to mention the sexiness of iPhone 4, they went to the get a slimmer body! :P)

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