Mar 31, 2009

Latest Wining Eleven B.A.L mode

Just play Wining Eleven 2009 ...
The latest i've got and the players look actually not that really look alike and the jersey...erm i guess they didn't get any copyright like they did in Wining Eleven 10.

However when the player on the field, it looks more real than the past and it got a really new mode that i always dream of that is the Become A Legend mode, where you create a player of your own and play the player in each match that means you can only control the player in every match and not the whole team.
Sometimes you will be arrange to sit on the bench because you're a new player or your performance not good, and sometime you'll also get sudstituted by other player if you get exhausted or again not well performs. And you have to make sure your player performs well. So other big clib will negotiate to buy your player.

This is my player for the become a legend mode.....hehe
And for people who ask me about how the edit appearance version of WE 2009, i will say the hairstyle seems not that good like WE 10 but all the facial thing seem got some improvement, this id other player that i edit, erm it may look not handsome haha.

Very young.....

i think this looks a bit like Jake Gyllenhaal

This is another B.A.L player version just a different hairstyle, have the same one i create in WE 10...haha like him so much. Exactly the same....

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