Mar 18, 2009

American Idol country week

This week is the country week for American Idol!!!

I'm so glad yet disappointed that i like country song but they didnt invite keith uban to be the AI mentor. Isn't that keith urban is going to released his new album? Maybe it can help him to promote his new album. So i think he's the best choice to be the mentor however he didn't.

This week...if there is a round up for the overall perfomance then i'll say it is sucks. Most of them maybe didn't know much about country song and some of them say that too. So it's really hard for them this week but it is not an excuse for them because once you're in this competition, you've to know at least one of different kind of music genre that suit yourself.

Start with few that i dont even want to listen what're they singing and when it comes to Kris Allen...yes, he proved that he has a good vocal but he plays safe. But among the few contestant in front, he's the best so far.

kris allen Pictures, Images and Photos

Kris Allen...nice vocal.

And Adam Lambert...sigh. Disappointed with him by choosing a so called country song-Ring of fire. OMG...what the....when he start sings, i'm like reaching to the remote control to turn into mute. If i've to say it in a better way,he's taking way too much risk. To me,he's not singing a country song. But even a song like that, i'll still think that Adam did his best. But i dont think he'll eliminated for this song since the perfomance from the past really helps him.

adam Pictures, Images and Photos

Did he looks gay? I didnt mean that. Just asking.

Danny Gokey sings Jesus take the wheel. When he met and practice with the mentor....obviously not keith urban, i'm so worry coz he's like murmuring a tons of word out of his mouth and laughing all the time. But when he's on the stage, phew relax...well done. Finally, a good perfomance out of all. Good...but i think paula abdul sometimes judge a little over, i'm a danny gokey fans and i think that country week perfomance is great but Paula,you didn't have to say that even carrie underwood didn't mind something like sing a duet or let danny to record the song. I dont think Danny perfomance reach the level yet. Sometimes i really think that Simon judgement is much more better than Paula. At least Simon is honest. This is a competition,what is good means good and vice versa.

Danny Gokey Singing "Hero" on 2-17-2009 AI:8 Pictures, Images and Photos

Danny Gokey...maybe he can makes through the final.

Lastly, Ryan did looks good in few recent AI shows. Nice suit!!!


*kody said...

is the guy named kris a 烧焊 worker?
i like him too...hope he can perfome some nice rock song on stage.
actually...the 'emo boy'...i don't think he's good...he just scream and scream...(=_=)maybe he can try MCR's...

little-urbanae said...

Erm i only think that emo boy can sing very high note...he might be gay like what my mum say.

Haha danny the best so far!!!