Mar 5, 2009

Wild Hogs....GREAT!!!

Haha...Wild Hogs, great movie......comedy.

Actually i've been wanting to watch this movie since it is on the big screen but i didnt get to watch it.

But until yesterday, my dreams comes true.....

Wild hogs starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence and William Macy. It is about a bunch of MIDDLE AGED guys who lives a miserable life and try to walk out of it by having a so called ''road trip'' with their own formed biker gang call Wild Hogs.

Before they started the trip, they thrown away all their cell phone in order to really experienced the adventurous bikers life. William Macy a.k.a Dudley in the movie always crack me up in the movie because of his gayish and goofy behaviour. And when john travolta fetching him with the bike, he like to lied close and make john travolta really pissed off.

Beside that, they also met with a GAY cop and misunderstand that all of them are gay and follow them. However half way, they met up with REAL bikers and makes troubles. John travolta revenge by cutting all their wyer (and here where you can listen to Bon Jovi's Wanted dead or alive playing...haha) and ACCIDENTLY blown up their bars. They have to face those bikers....

Well this movie really bring out the adventure of a bikers. And lots of nice bike shows up in this movie too ( really nice...) Most important is it is real funny especially for John Travolta and William Macy....but actually four of them are funny. Well then it makes them realize about their life....quite interesting. I'll give 4 out of 5 star for this movie....worth to watch, not only a simple comedy...You'll felt something after you watch it......Enjoy!!!!

I'm shocked that the end of the movie using LOST HIGHWAY by Bon Jovi.....Absolutely suitable. Man, like this movie, thumbs up....

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