Mar 15, 2009!!!


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When first i saw the trailer, i dont even have a desire to watch this movie. But later on, that day when two pals of mine and i standing in front of the cinema counter, i made a stupid decision.

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From the left: the comedian
From the right: Jeffrey Dean Morgan a.k.a the comedian a.k.a Robert Downey Jr look a like

We're twisting between Dragon Ball and Watchmen. Although both doesn't seems like a good choice. But after i talk with one of my pals a.k.a the cat, without a doubt...i'll say WATCHMEN. What do we talk about? The comedian it is. When i first saw the interview in newspaper i found the comedian a.k.a Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks a bit familiar and after the cat told me, i know what happens coz he looks much like Robert Downey Jr...haha i dare not admit that coz i'm afraid i cant afford one more Robert a-like star after Danny Gokey.

We get in. And from the beginning, we can know the director is so into the sound effect. Too much on sound effect. The way he want to show from the past and back to now and AGAIN back to the past are awkward and confusing.

The point is i'm in just for the comedian and Rorschach (his funny mask). The comedian died in the beginning...good (T_T). Then all along the movie,the director didnt give a clear introduction to each watchmen. I'll say i never watch watchmen in comic but at least in a movie you have to let the audience understand what it is about.

Enough...not logic about the movie...okay you can say how can a superhero type movie can be logic. AT LEAST dude you have to make us feel rational. Take a good look at Ironman or spiderman either. Or at least Dark knight from your same company!!!

The funny part...okay but not really really funny. Sigh the worst part is this movie duration is long enough. This is really the worst part. The night owl dont look like a hero either. The fighting part can be ignored. Dragging long music is boring me too. I just hope i can get out of the cinema. I am legend is much more i figure out. And i'm sorry to say that night owl acting skill is...average. The ending...imagine yourself. OMG i'm waste rm 11 away just to watch comedian died.

The movie is SUCKS...Except for comedian (although only involved in little part) and Rorschach (funny but serious...)...Please my very last advice for you all out there that havent watch this movie:


And no watchmen 2 please....i dont even understand the first part then how you expect me to understand the watchmen 2. very first SUCKS movie in year 2009, congrats to watchmen, you made it.

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