Jun 4, 2011

Market Hall Pavillion : Piz and Pasta!

Went to Pavillion and check out a flick with friends the another day, Priest, bad movie day....something like Assassins Creed fighting over not-scary-at-all vampire who looks like a tremors, it ends with a not-so-cool ending. So, me and my friend immediately go and get some bites after the movie.

After some "survey" and "observation", we stop by an European style restaurant that offer different kinda food range from mainly pasta and piz, to risotto, sandwiches, burger and western dishes. So, we give it a try since we are craving for some cheesy piz bitez.

Graffiti on the wall.

Open style kitchen, feel free to have a look at the chef working.

The environment is pretty relaxing and comfort.

This is not an illusion.

We grab the menu and ask the waiter to give some reccomendation for us. Cool thing about their pizza is you can have your own choice of toppings but not so cool is that you have limited freedom where they won't let you to do your own style of choice of toppings for your pizza, probably they afraid that we would ruin the taste, I guess. They will guide you through during the choosing of toppings. So, we ordered a pizza and a smoked salmon sandwich, I mean how can I let loose any chance of eating smoked salmon.

Apetiting bitez on bread stick.

The puree sauce is real good.

The food came faster than we thought. Was expecting they will take some times, so I was quite impress by the speed they serve their food to the customers. So, here's the food.

Served with a big wooden "plate", which eat up quite a lot of space.

The piz with grilled chicken, gorgonzola cheese, mixed mushroom.

Ripped those piz into pieces.

Smoked salmon sandwich wrapped in paper, served along with vege salad and french fries.

Complete view.

Sliced off view, see those smoky salmon inside, with my favourite cream cheese.

The pizza is quite okay. It's pretty well baked, the dough is just nice. I like the cheese but not for my friend as it is consider as a heavyweight in taste for the gorgonzola cheese. The taste is quite cheesy and "goaty", my friend keep telling me, "Oh god I feel like I'm stuffing a whole goat into my mouth". I think the waiter didn't recommend and consider the customer's prefer taste, as when we ask him to recommend the cheeses for us, he straight away recommend this one. I will like to suggest to them, maybe they can ask the customer if they like the light or heavy taste of cheese.

As for the smoked salmon sandwich, as an expert of smoked salmon, I judge them with my own experience of eating smoked salmon, it is not a satisfy one, it's not smoky enough, it's like eating a fresh salmon that you can barely tell it's a smoked salmon. The cream cheese is good but too little in amount. Me and my friend come to an union opinion that the dough is way to hard and we having a hard times to chew and bite the dough. No next time for that smoked salmon thingy! Was really disappointing as I give hope whenever I saw a smoked salmon dishes.

Our fries on the floor, I wonder how my pal end up the flying fries landed safely on the floor.

The way they packed our food, good that they go green for that, paper food packing!

One thing that really disatisfying us is that we went to Market hall during a weekdays, there are like 2 to 3 table of customer in the restaurant, and they are having more than 10 waiter and waitress there but when we asking for sauces or order, no one really came to serve us. And we waited so long for them to refill our water. I'm strongly offend and not happy with their services where a simple task like refilling the customer water took them so long to do that. I gotta say that their customer service is poor which come to a level I would refer it as bad. Only after I mention to them about their services, they start to come to our table and ask us how was the dishes and etc. Must have been one of the worst services of western restaurant I ever been.

The price mainly range within RM 20 to Rm 40 or RM 50. I think if you can go for a try for their pizza. I think I will give it one more try for the risotto before I "reject" them.There are some wines and desert too but our aims for the day is to get some piz bitez so didn't manage to give it a try.

( PS : Environment is okay, food is okay, services....urgh. )


Nava.K said...

I am also particular about the service, somehow I feel great customer service makes the taste of the food tastier, psychologically.

Urbanae said...

Yup. Agree with you. :) Thats why it's kinda disappoint me.