May 11, 2011

Thor Review : More than what we expect!

Thor, it's not only a fantasy, but it got loads of action and drama. Guess what? It gives more than what I expect and it turns out to be awesomely good! It guide us more to the Avengers (This is what I've been waiting for!).

Thor (Chris Hemsworth), the god of thunder is sent to the earth by his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) due to his arrogant behaviour and Odin want Thor to learn something from this experience living on the Earth. This is how Thor met Jane (Natalie Portman) and fell in love with her. But then, Loki (Tom Hiddleston), Thor's Bros....personally I think Loki is a damn cute name, thinking of naming my pet after this, only if I get a pet. Ehem, back to the topic....Loki jealous of Thor and knowing his real identity mend him into a villain and helping the frost giant to attack their own land, Asgard and destroying the races of the frost giant.

Thor is a gentlemen, looks at how he hold a girl's hand.

First of all, I'm amused by the setting of Asgard. Blew me off! 150 millions, I think it's worth to spent on! The bridge that connect the universe, the hall, visually satisfied. And I love the Frost Giant make up. They spent 5 hours to have the make up on. The effect make up is good. The monster, I think it's a frost-rhino alike monster is cool. And the moment Thor's father, Odin riding on a horse, that's the impression of a KING! The way he appear with thunder!

Chris did bulked up a lot for the role of Thor. Good job.

I think the storyline, at first I thought that it would be something like more towards the mythology of God of Thunder. You know? But then, they carry the storyline really well by having Thor on the Earth, no more the Son of God's life. It's really funny when Thor get to the earth. The funniest part is he heads into a pet shop and yelled, "I want a horse!" I can't stop laughing over that! And loads more of adventure, fighting and funny stuff in this movie. No bored moment at all!

Loki, I love Tom's acting! Waiting for more of his performance in the future!

I think Chris fit as Thor, fit physically and fit characteristically. Anthony Hopkins is good as King, as well as Tom as Loki. No doubt at the Oscar winner, Natalie Portman's acting skill on this one. I think basically all is well cast.

Fighting with the frost giant.

The fighting scene is good. It gives us something new. Fighting the frosting races, where they turn the ice into blade, and all of them with different specialty in fighting. Only that if the fight scene could be slightly brighter and slower will be nice! I was expecting the war actually, war between Asgard and Jotunheim. But, it was okay. The fight between Loki and Thor able to wrapped things up, only that the director can make it looks more epic it is, that would be much better!

You should start to get familiar with Agent Coulson by now after a few Marvel movies.

And of course, I get really excited watching Thor.....because it gives a more clearer picture on Avengers (Biting my finger!!!!). We knew that the ending scenes of Iron Man 2 showing that they find Thor's hammer is exactly well explained in this movie, Thor. Again, Agent Coulson show up, great one, the guy from SHIELD. We have only one more left, Captain America and then we can set sail to check out the most anticipating Avengers film. By the way, Thor's "Miu-Miu" is really powerful! Haha!

Summary for the movie, Thor :
-Great movie with loads of action and adventure, amazing setting and nice flow of storyline.
-Stan Lee did a great job pulling the "Miu-Miu" by using a truck, he failed but manage to bring Thor from comic book to the big screen.
-Love Chris Hemsworth as Thor. But Iron Man still my no.1 favourite. Can't wait to see the arrogant Thor meet up with swagger/over-confident Stark in Avengers.
-Highly recommend if you want some action packed superhero movie that lighten up with the little fantasy in it. This is the one!
-More on Avengers and SHIELD, more understanding of them in this one. From Incredible Hulk onwards, clue is the ending!

(PS : Tons of nice movie in May. Guess I need to set up a tent outside the cinema.)

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