May 13, 2011

Lie To Me : Let's save the show!

So, the news came out. Fox choose to dropped 5 tv shows which are "The Chicago Code", "Human Target", "Breaking In", "Traffic Light" and "Lie To Me". Sad news for the audience.

To Fox, truth hurts....please Lie To "Us"!

Was quite shocked and not really shocked for the cancellation of Lie To Me. The not-really-shocked factor is that we all knew the later season 2 and 3 rating go downhill by the end of the season. But then, back to the overall view....the drama itself is slightly different from the usual tv drama series. It's a drama series where the storyline build on a psychologist aka micro-expression expert, Dr. Lightman that works with his team, Lightman group to identify or "poke out" who's lying to help in a criminal investigation, and of course it is not limited to only crime cases but sometimes they will be involved in cases like politics or private relationship investigation.

Why Fox shouldn't dropped this show :

-Because Lie To Me itself has a really unique theme and storyline (It makes crime investigation more interesting.). We knew the downhill rating thingy but if time is given for Lie To Me to develops, this will be a really good show. It already is.

-The relationship among characters in the shows is well develop and I think they worked pretty well together.

-The main character, Cal Lightman is simply awesome. His character builds up, a lil' quirky, but yet professional, all the characteristic, it got the attention of the viewers and they LOVE him! Tim Roth is good.

-Lie To Me's storyline can be expanded and become more interesting. Potential tv drama series.

-It's simple, the viewers just love the show!!!

With the show gone now, there're lot of things that we surely missed. Let's take Cal Lightman as example.....

he way Cal pointing at people and tell them, "You're lying!"

Especially with the grin, satisfied smile.

The way he clinging (sitting) on the chair octopus?

The way he tilts his head when he's observing something.

And of course, the way he analyze people when one is lying!!!

So, what can we do to save Lie To Me? There are plenty of ways to do this (definately not in the violent way okay!). Just give it a shot like :

-E-mailing the Fox executives, tell them how much you loves the show and your disappoinment on the cancellation (in a polite way, don't throw tantrum on them, okay...?) here's the email address of them :

Kevin Reilly :
Peter Rice :

Marcy Ross :

-Non other than social network!!! Twitter, let's make save lie to me as a twitter trend, you know tweet #savelietome maybe to @Foxbroadcasting or @Fox_Research .

-Start a Facebook page, I think they already have one Facebook Page of Save Lie To Me.

-Or...if you rich enough....let's buy the show and continue filming it, *kidding* I wish that I'm that rich!

For all Lie To Me fans out there, I'm sure you guys are disappointed and sad. So, just do our best. I will relly like to know how the others think about the cancellation on Lie To Me and the toher 4 shows.

(PS : Yes, I admit that me myself, a Lie To Me fans.....just beacuse the show is really good! I never been watching a tv shows continually like Lie To Me since.....E.R. Ehem, and the next day I woke up Fox said that they have cancelled the show. I was like O_O. I just learnt to watch tv drama, dude!)

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