May 8, 2011

Man with glasses : The sense of stylish

Glasses, the first impression back to "those days" is NERD, BORED, UNATTRACTIVE....

But now, glasses seems to be an additional deco for the homosapiens that will enhance the appearance and of course, give em' a wise and gentle looking, it's not nerdy anymore! Especially when they have tons of glasses design now. Well, hollywood celebrity using it "wisely" to give a new impression to the people after they wore the glasses. So, let's see who're some of the celebs that wore it well!

First up, the prince of R&B and POP.....Justin Timberlake! We know he has some groovy and sexy dance moves, and how his music influence in the music industry. But, he's just looks much "tamed", ehem....much mama's boy like yet don't lose a bit of fashion sense on him when he put on the glasses.

Slight square-shaped with dark frame suit Justin the best!

Next! It's the sexy killing machine from UK, Judy Law...okay it's Jude Law, but I thought Judy will sound real cute ( Okay, okay I know it's really lame! )! Jude Law is undeniable sexy and hot. He always gimme a feeling of the classic UK gentlemen, with the top hat and the tuxedo ( until I found out this Judy and Rubber Ducky jr in Holmes, they just looks like kiddies together. ). The glasses, what can the glasses do to him? Just getting much better! I think it's matureness reflected by the glasses on him, hmmm, sexy, mature British. I can't complain anything about that!

Oh, oh!!! Don't look at me! I will die!

I thought this is Harry Potter's, maybe in his 30's (*innocent look*, where's the lightning thingy on the forehead)? It's Jude Law, dude! Well, round-shaped glasses can be nice too!!

The following will be one of my favourite when he put his glasses on. I think he got the fashion sense when comes to picking the right glasses, or maybe I should just said any glasses fit him well. It's Gary Oldman! Yeah. To be honest, he looks not that evil when he have his glasses on. I don't know but his eyes, the stares, wow....just looks so threatening and dangerous to me. But then check him out with his glasses, you will go "AWWWWW!" (Partially is me, myself going awwww~).

ARGH! I feel love! Not evil at all, the power of the glasses.

Oval-shaped glasses, a PASS for Gary Oldman! Pass with flying color!

Nice one! He just looks like a Professor or something like that! Turn him into Gary Young-man!

Dark Vader will be jealous on the next one! It's Ewan Mcgregor! I mean Dark Vader can never had a glasses on him right, neither Voldemort. Haha, unless Voldy go for a Edgar Davids type of sport glasses. Okay, come back to the topic. I think the glasses give prominence to Ewan's eyes!

Jedi need glasses too!

Tim Roth aka Dr. Lightman get himself glasses too. He might be a lil' badass in Lie To Me sometimes. But when you see him with the glasses, it's kinda...well you know, just looks good on him. But then the one he's wearing below is kinda similar to Gary first picture, just the side frame is thicker. I prefer this one which looks not that typical because most will choose dark frame with not that thick side frame. This will be slightly different. A bit of seriousness yet with some style on it.

Hmm, I'm telling the truth! I didn't repeat twice what i said. Stop analysing me!!!

He is the one that get crowned with the artist with the best glasses in Hollywood! And yes, he is Johnny Depp! Johnny Depp try on different style of glasses which I'm kinda agree with everyone, he's really great and looks damn cool with all those glasses. He's well known with his oval shaped with dark in color slightly thick frame glasses. Johnny is really unique and outstand most of the artist when it comes to the glasses. He has the senses of literaly artistic "aura" with him yet he can still keep his little wild and sexy looks with the glasses on. There's something between him and the glasses. It feels like slightly not right when he took off his glasses except he's filming.

Captain Jack knows well not only with pirates thingy but glasses too!


I never really saw the next one with any glasses but ya with shades. He, well he looks good in everything!! It's the golden freekick star of England, Becks is da man! David seldom wear glasses, but he did apppear in the public with shades quite often. I found that he looks leisure in the picture below but with the glasses adding in some elegance element and makes him looks more like glamour casual just because the piece of glasses.

Becks with the spects!

Close up!! Not losing the seriousness.

Australian hunk aka the wolf, the sexy beast, once sexiest man alive, Hugh Jackman, I can't believe he can looks soooooooo gentle~. I mean he always gives us a very sexy, wild, I don't know but I like to refer him as sexy beast (This sounds so weird but it's kinda true!) and with the glasses on, he looks so "teacher-like".

Yes, Mr. Jackman....I don't quite get question no. 4, can you explain it again? I mean look at him!

Brad Pitt, he looks okay with normal glasses but wassup with the reading glasses, I'm not sure whether is Brad having far sighted for the second picture. Just looks a little not so Brad Pitt on him.


Brad, why you have to wear the glasses like that?

Here comes the last one, it's Rubber Ducky Jr. aka Iron man aka Sherlock Holmes aka the fashionista daredevil, Robert Downey Jr. Why I say so, fashionista daredevil....? Because he dares to take on the fashion that most won't be having the guts to do so yet it looks so good on him. This makes him stand out among the celebrities. I think he got taste! Yup, and a huge eyes too! Just when he wanna play cool or serious, he just get himself the glasses, but who knows he can be funky with the glasses too!

Ah, Principal Downey!

This one is so cool! Purple glass with clear frame, funky yet keep his coolness in this one! Double thumbs up! I remember Gary oldman having a clear frame glasses lately and it looks cool too!

Glasses is a trend nowadays and it shows us a different side of the celebs, kinda! Well, so far I think Depp is good at it, I'm pretty impress with Oldman as well and Downey. This three actors are my top 3 the best that good in playing with the glasses. Now, you know glasses is not only just for near or far sighted but for beauty and as a decorative item as well!

(PS : Ya, but in the end I still hate wearing glasses sometimes!)

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