May 8, 2011

Urbanae Expiry Cooking Experience

WARNING! This will be a kinda-personal post, some random awkward moment of the author or some facts. Few weeks ago, a random afternoon.....Urbanae felt a strike of hungriness torturing the body, gastric juice started to pump out and corrode the stomach! So, without a doubt! Urbanae head straight towards the fridge and grab all the ingredients she had and baked the ultimate random mixture cheesy toaster ( What a random name! )!!!

Yeah! Grab it, grab it!

Well, I always love to cook, enjoy the process before and after the cooking but not that into the cleaning work after the eating! Basically, this ultimate random mixture cheesy toaster is made up of some random food that you can grab near you (I'm not a good celeb cook because I don't know how to give instruction!). What I use for my version of the toaster is bread, crabmeat stick, sausages, some pepper and cheese. That what you do will be placing all the ingredient on the top of your bread and give it a 10 mins "break", I mean baked.

*DING* Here you go, the golden ultimate random mixture toaster!

Have a bitez!

After the oven-ing process and I'm about to eat, I found out that :

-I didn't put in mayo and ketcup sauce, it is so DRY inside!

-My dear cheesy and bread is expired. SHOCK FACTOR! But since both stuffs are dairy product and produced through the fermentation process. Urbanae have some bites on it!

Munch, munch!

Still feels good and delicious on that ultimate thingy! By the way, it's cool if you use garlic sausages and thick smoky cheese for your ingredient. I love heavyweight food in the sense of aroma and taste. And I'm still alive after the eating, but I will ensure that this wont happened for the second time.

(PS : Conclusion is that I may diagnose with severe aging memory loss with all thse symptoms.)

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KiUk said...

oh..i love the cheese!!