Oct 18, 2010

Mox's TOUGH Cover

Yes! Finally, I have found the chosen pouch for my Mox aka PSP Go!!!

Guess where I found it?

TOUGH Jeansmith!!!!

Yea, TOUGH has been my fav bag discovery place! And this time I would like to rewards my PSP Go, Mox by giving him a nice pouch as cover.

The X-1 Pouch!!!

The back is slightly military casual!

The only thing that make me fall for it because of the military-alike design.
Military green kill me easily. Another thing is that the surface is quite slippery, ehem...I mean soft and nice-to-touch!!!
Sad news is, most of the TOUGH Jeansmith store is closing down soon. Too bad!
Silly stuff :

I got my jeans autoclaved!!!!

(PS : Zzzzzzz......)

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