Oct 17, 2010

Keith Urban Get Closer : Nov 16

You can start the count down now!!
One more month to go and it will be the released of Keith Urban's Get Closer!!! 16th of November, please keep in mind!
The official album cover for Get Closer!!!
As the fans voted (Me, me, me!!! I voted too!), the picture above will be the cover for Get Closer! Seriously, I can't wait for the new album!!! I hope Keith-fy will give a song snippet of the whole album like he did in Defying Gravity!!!

This is the second option for the album cover! Quite nice too!!
Hopefully, I can get the album. Pray hard!!!!! It's going to be my pre-birthday present! Hehe, I'm not that greedy! I only want Keith Urban's Get Closer album, it is more than enough!! But I don't mind if the album come along with Keith Urban himself!!! (I'm SOOOO Greedy!!! Can I get Keith Urban as my birthday present please~)

Melted.....so cute!

Ehem, my mad flower disease is getting worst! Ok, so all the Urban fans and Monkeys out there! Let's countdown together!!!!

(PS : I wish the day come faster. )

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