Oct 26, 2010

R.I.P Paul!

Paul can predict anything but not his death!

The coolest or so-called psychic octopus Paul has confirmed dead today at his "home" aka Oberhausen Sea Life center in Germany!

Paul permenantly "retired" from predicting football match's result.

Paul with its rising fame, become an one and only celeb octopus after the accurate predicting of the football match's result at this recent Africa World Cup. His freakin unbelievable accuracy in predicting has make him as famous as Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber at one time especially during Africa WC. Paul gain sooooo any fans as well as haters as the same time ( haters refers to those people whose support the team that lose during the match that Paul predict! )

However, it proves that Paul didn't commited suicide due to his stressful life facing papz and haters everyday. It is believe that Paul passed away peacefully.

That must be a shocking news to the Octopusville and of course it's shocked me as well. All I wanna say is....R.I.P, Paul!

(PS : What a sad news!)

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