May 16, 2009

Gokey goes R&B or......? Urban talks A.I...?

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That's the reason that i worry about and i hope that Gokey goes country genre then related to religious the best that i ever heard will be country song.

And Danny've been such a passion Christian so no doubt that i'll think that he'll involved himself in Christian music. And in an interview he said that he'll either make a record in R&B or Christian artist.

Well of course i hope that he went to something that is more idolize and popular like Daughtry or the others do. If Christian mainstream music...erm i wouldn't say that i won't buy but ya'know not that having any offense but a R&B will be more accepting for teenagers. However whatever he do, i'll give a support just like Bon Jovi goes country....^.^''

And Danny says that he'll like to own a line of eyewear. Well, interesting but actually i don't think it is cool to put on an eyewear like glasses. Maybe it is looks great on him, but i have to say that i HATE wear glasses. I dont think i look good in wearing glasses. If it is something that can be changed on me, please give me a better eyesight because i just DONT like wear glasses.

Danny also interested to be a glasses model. Wow! Then i'm qualify to be a glasses model too. Haha.

And recent interview Keith Urban said that he watvhed American idol and this is what he said:

''I was watching 'American Idol' the other day and that Adam guy did that song from 'Saturday Night Fever,' 'If I Can't Have You,'" said Urban. "But he did it as this aching torch song. And I was blown away."

Aye, he's like Adam then how bout Danny? So at least i mean he heard of Danny. Since Danny in AI before. Man it's great to have my favourite artist work together! Just like Bon Jovi works with Keith on Who Says You Cant Go Home....Actually a great song but....Jon just too ''picky'' and turn out the duet (Dont forget Keith gives a help on your country album!) However i still manage to listen the duet. Two sexy guys do the duet~~~@_@ How bout RDJ works with Keith? Or RDJ with Bon Jovi? Cool!!! Or have a cameo in RDJ movie? Damn's sure a blast!!!

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