May 13, 2009

The 2 A.I finalist: My Gokey is going home...''Sob''

I don't want the result!!!! Give me a new one!!!!!

Danny Gokey is voted off.....I hate it!!!! Why!!!!! ''Sob'', ''Sob''.....So the final'll be Adam vs Kris. But i want Danny in the final!!!! He's just not enough vote. Actually i'm thinking not to watch the final BUT now I want Kris win.

Although Adam is the winner of the prediction....but i see that Kris actually put more effort in his singing and improve a lot. He deserve more to win compared to Adam. Adam only scream along all the road to the Final. And Kris is creative and talented singer compared to Adam....

For my beloved Gokey, god bless you release an album soon. Actually i hope it'll be a country album. Then Danny can collaborate with Keith nice'll it be. Since Danny don't like Rock so it is quite impossible for him to release a rock album. But he's only in top 3, will he get a record deal? OMG i'm so worry......

But now i've to go back and calm down. Yesterday I'm feel like today i'm going to take my STPM result, and early morning i wake up to check the result however it's disappointed. It's okay. Danny still got a long road to do....Sigh.

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