May 13, 2009

AI top 3 performance review

Danny is in danger....

Short recap for the performance.

The judges choice, paula have choose Dance Little Girl for Danny. Well as usual, Danny won the plaudit with his nice vocal. I like it too. But it's seem a chaos going around the panel of the judges which Paula ''fight'' with Simon. Funny.

Kara, Randy choose Apologise forKris....Lame song choice and i dont think that Kris's performance is good. The worst performance among three of them although actually 3 of them're good.

Then here's come Simon's choice.....for Adam. Forget what is the song name but Adam rocks it out again.

Personnel song choice.

Danny sing You're beautiful. Nice song choice and nice vocal. Like that song. Simon says it is a vocal master class. Agree.

Then, Kris's turn. He choose Heartless by kanya west. First i heard that, my reaction.....what're you thinking? Oh Kris going to ''died''. But once he start sing.....GREAT, NICE, CREATIVE!!!!!
For what i think is it is better than Kanye's version. He's really creative. Another of my opinion? Danny is in danger situation......

Adam sings Aerosmith's. Quite average performance. Just listen to his Adam signature high note hitting is kinda boring for me.

So the conclusion,
Kris's oustanding. Adam is good. Danny's vocal is a mark added to his master class perfomance.
However god bless Danny won't be voted out~~~

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