May 3, 2009

Keith Urban's Defying Gravity isn't available in Malaysia

I'm so disappointing. I've search at speedy, rock corner and others record shop but none of them've Keith Urban latest album in it.

But i feel release when i ask them about keith urban and they still know who is he. But so far i can't really find rascal flatts's album in either record shop in Malaysia. That's sad.

Maybe country's album not that popular in Malaysia.

I'm so confuse now if i still can't find the Defying Gravity album then i've to give up and go for my favourite soundtrack album-Kingdom Hearts. God bless i can find it within this week.


Lemon Catz said...

"But i feel release..."
release? do u mean u feel relieved?
don't worry everyone knows who is KU...
tower records leh? dun have also?
if here dun have, y not order online? hahahaha! just a suggestion ;D

little-urbanae said...

Haha ya...sorry for wrong use of vocab or what it is....

I dont trust order online....

It's ok...i'll guess i ve to buy other album then.