May 5, 2009

AI top 4 week's theme

Oh god, glad to know that this week top 4 week's theme'll be ROCK and Roll. Haha. And guess what it's Duet time.

The top 4...

First of all, Adam Lambert is not a poblem. His rock and roll...erm how bout some rolling stones or aerosmith song??? Or Bon Jovi? Damn it, it's rock and roll week! Will it be Bon Jovi as mentor? I think it's kinda impossible because Bon Jovi have been once mentor so AI may find some new people for them. Ok enough actually the mentor is Slash...well really famous guitarist.

Danny Gokey? Haha, i think his voice very suitable with rock thingy. Give it a try, Danny! Will it be Danny Gokey singing Bon Jovi's? But sure i will condemn him...just kidding. I'm quite confidence with him. Oh my goodness....i'm so excited!!!

I'm worry about Kris Allen because his voice a bit soft and comfort to me but...he likes to give suprises. So...??? Just wait and see.

Allison. Nothing to say much. She's good but i'm not that into her...but she's good.

And!!! About the Duet.....God bless let Adam and Danny do a duet together. How it will be when two different voice and style match together...??? Oh man!!! I'm out of control now.


Lemon Catz said...

i like the red headed girl...just because she's red headed. hahaha!

little-urbanae said...

Haha...she voted out ald.