May 6, 2009

X-men : Wolverine origin Best Movie so far...

Haha so my dreams come true. Just watched Wolverine origin today with oi oi. And like what i say, i get to watch half naked hugh jackman and his full moon.....just kidding.

Well this movie is ''full'' from the beginning to the end. (Full means never boring for my terms)
Humor, touching, action, friendship....all kind of things. I'm shocked that is kinda good in acting but too bad he's dead.

Well, hugh jackman looks hell good in the soldier outfits with a cigar. Damn it. That's why he's the sexiest man alive. Gambit is cool. With the cards in hands, he can beat everyone except wolverine....of course. And cyclops too. The beginning explain really well what ability did each character have and it shows how great're them.

Wolverine origin....talks all about wolverine from his childhood to how his transform from bony claw to a adamantium claw and undead body. From X-men to X-men 3, I never like wolverine before except for his really strong body because his behavior is weird. But after this movie, now i know more about wolverine and actually he's so pity. And forget to say that it is a Marvel movie. Whole lot better than watchmen that is from DC comic.....oh sorry, they can't be compared. You know what i mean.

But there's lot of humor in this movie like when Duke the Blob get fat than before (he was muscular), that part is real funny when Logan a.k.a wolverine joked about the woman tatoo on Duke's arm get fatter than before. Other than that, when Logan first get adamantium inject to his body and in the bathroom of the two old couples where he accidently broke the sink and the plumber're funny too. Of course the part Logan run naked to the barn makes the audience laugh too but nice body haha.

When Logan realize that Kayla, his girlfriends for 6 years cheated him, that is so sad and also the part that Logan can't remember anything and saw Kayla's bodies lying on the ground without knowing who she was.....sigh. is the best movie i've watch for 2009....till other best movie on the big screen. Worth to watch, the action is good, funny.....Go to watch if you haven't. Nice movie. My opinion after the movie??? Satisfaction.....

(PS: Hugh Jackman really put a lot of effort on building up his body. Will wolverine appear in the avenger and have a scene with Iron man? Hope to see it soon.)

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