May 6, 2009

American idol top 4 Rock n Roll

Short review.....

Adam Lambert, like what i expect...great perfomance! He ROCKS!!! He's like a superstar now. But for what judge Kara says that he's a rock god....well it is too over. Rock god? How about that true rock god out there like Aerosmith, Rolling stones....
But he's real good. Thumbs up.

Allison....a little boring. She sings cry baby. Something like that but this song didn't makes her outshines the other...too bad.

Kris Allen....his soft and comfortable vocal really makes me wonder. He choose a fast rock song. I think he should choose a slow rock song but i dont know...maybe AI didnt allow them to do that. The music like louder than his voice. But he play guitar, marks added. But overall, average performance.

Danny Gokey? Wow, good things is he take a risk ( like what i want him to do long long time before), the bad things is he take a risk (=.='')
What'm i saying? Danny sings Dreams on by Aerosmith. Beginning until the end is so okay. Actually i think his voice is suitable for rock song, but till the end....Wow. Danny....SCREAM!!! I mean Danny try to take the risk by hit a really high note and drag it. I'm so shocked. I mean he hit it. But with a Adam style of high notes hitting. Danny's personality style is his rough and nice vocal. So i thought that even he hit the notes will be using his rough kind of voice...but i'm shocked when he....scream. But is okay...he sings it well, just the ending screaming...erm, makes me remember his performance in the Rock n Roll week. (haha sorry for my long opinion on Danny)

The Duet
Adam and Allison group is better than Danny and Kris group.
Danny sings better than Kris in the duet.

Overall performance, okay, not bad.
Adam is outstanding but too bad Danny steal the show...haha. But i believes Danny try his best. Keep it up, Danny!

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