May 2, 2009

American Idol season 8 Top 4

Finally, it comes to American Idol top 4. And of course, it is all my favourite contestant after eliminate the most dislike contestant og mine Matt Giraud...something like that.

Well just a short summary for the top 5 perfomance.

Adam Lambert~GREAT!!! I think the greatest song ever he sings in this competittion. That's his type. Slow but doesn't lose his high note style...haha. This is the only song of him that i can totally agree from the beginning of the song till the end. Great job, well done.

Danny Gokey....He has reached the level of Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. Why i say so? You might get blur...haha. I'm falling in love with him just like i did to Jon Bon Jovi and Keith Urban. I think he did pretty well this week but slightly ''not that good'' compared to Adam. But he's still the best. I mean his voice really....Wow! I dont know what to say. Just get impress with his voice. Keep it up Danny!!! I'm going to buy your album.....

Kris Allen. The one who improves a lot. Nothing to say but improves all the way to the top 4. Nice one. Nice vocal. Creative. Getting scare of him, he is the black horse in this competition.
Watch out,guys!!!

Allison Iraheta. This week,not that outstanding. Good but not great. Believes that she can do much more better.

No matter what happens. The four of them is really a talented and oustanding singer to me. They can get a career in singing after all.....i think. Just hope another great perfomance from them for the Top 4 coming weeks.

(PS: Gambahteh, Danny....)

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