May 1, 2009

Robert Downey jr potrayed Obama?!

Am i dreaming too much of Robert Downey jr and make out this story???? No!!!

Hollywood is going to have a new movie directed by Ron Howard. So far the movie's name will be Dreams of my father. An adaption piece of Barrack Obama.

Well Ron Howard without a doubt chosing Robert Downey jr to potray the president role. This is what director Ron Howard said :'' Honestly after Tropic Thunder, when you think of African American men, you'll think of Robert Downey jr.''

Yes, that's kind of true, nobody know that that african in Tropic Thunder was Robert if the name isn't mention (but i do...). So, Robert didn't resist the movie role yet. Although it is not officially yet, but nothing is impossible....since nothing is impossible so Robert might turn it out too...haha.

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