May 12, 2009

Urban's type of caring.....

That's why fans love him....

Keith Urban always popular known with his down-to-earth attitude, and always care about his fans. Lately he cut down the ticket price of his concert to make his fans able to came to enjoy his shows without spending much like before due to the economic recession.

It is not important...Here's another article about how caring is Keith Urban~

When the ushers sent giddy fans back to their designated seats Saturday night at the Bryce Jordan Center, audience members rolled their eyes and reluctantly complied.

But when Keith Urban saw that security was asking fans not to get closer to the stage and requesting they clear the aisles, he quickly took action.

"We're not going to riot," Urban said. "Nobody's going to fall off their damn chair."

And with that, security stepped back and the floor goers rushed to the stage, cheering and singing along with the man in the tight plaid shirt and form-fitting blue jeans.

"He was fabulous as always," said a Baltimore resident.
How nice he is~~~
So does it means next time when he came to Malaysia to have a concert then i can climb up the stage to see him ? (haha just kidding, i'll behave with discipline when he came....although it will not happen)

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