May 11, 2009

Online singing game

Recently get addict to a online singing game called meetoto that introduced by BMG.

It is an online game which you can sing online and get judge by the other ppl. Actually to me i'm scare in the same time i'm excited.

So the first time i sing, although cannot be seen who'm i. But i'm scare till i sing half of the song and forget the what i do? I run off the stage.....I learn to be smarter this time....
I practice before i sing. So...okay only.

Haha but the third time i sing, i choose a malay song.....
By suprise, ppl like it....wakaka i'm so happy and ppl add me after i sing. (a little girl add me too, =='' they might thought that my voice sound like a boy?)
But last time when i sing time of my life by david cook (not really my favourite's tune just fit me), with oi oi too playing that game, got ppl ask me back to kinder garden to learn ABC...
Wow, there's like lighthing strike on me....Is it that bad? Sigh....i'm so sad although got ppl vote too but the comment is too cruel. I thought that i pronounced it correctly.'s not important!!!! Coz today i finally promote Keith Urban song by singing it online...wakakaka. I didn't sing kiss a girl....i sing a slightly slower song hehe. And how dare'm i went to a chinese song singing room to sing english song wakaka. But get good compliments too. But maybe they just too kind (coz they ask me to encore...=='' i dont think i sing that good.)
I'm glad that Keith Urban song can be accepted by i will try to sing more of his song to promote it!!!

Next time i'll try a Bon Jovi song...but it is difficult but i'm thinking to sing Danny Gokey 's Dreams on...that one that he...scream wakaka. I think i might sing it in the midnight. Wakakaka!!! Then i'll scream exactly how danny scream.....wakakaka

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