May 8, 2009

Defying Gravity review

Well, i've listen to all the songs in Keith Urban new album Defying Gravity. So i think that i want to write a review about each song in this album. I just review each of it by follow exactly the arrangement of the tracks in the album.
(tracks with * is my recommended song)

1. Kiss A Girl*
Well, this is one of the hits in this album. Kinda fast plus a little country in it. A little romantic....
Personally i like this song so much. Keith use a little stucking in words style of singing for this song. A song that you will like to sing along...haha.

2. If Ever I Could Love
This song...erm with a nice flow of melody but not one of my favourite tracks in this album. This song talks about afraid to love but till he met with someone that makes him wanna love again. The chorus repeat just few same lines...well, keith urban style of writting a song. But doesn't mean this song sounds sucks. Maybe just when i'm in a calm mood, then i will only tune on this song. And this is the song with the words Defying Gravity inside. The lyrics come first and Keith just picked it as the album title as he said this is what's this album all about-Defying Gravity.

3. Sweet Thing*
This is the no.1 singles in the Hot country song chart. How can you miss out this song? Same like Kiss A Girl, fast and nice....And like the lyrics too. Feels like he's wrote this for me...hehe,'' sweet thing''. This album is more to love and romantic. Keith says he wrote this song so quickly while he's driving to a writting session.

4. Till' Summer Comes Around**
After i finish listen to this album for the first time, the first song for me to repeat is this song-Till Summer Comes Around. I've to say i LOVE this song sooooo much. Keith comes out with the idea in this song. He's just so creative and this is what i want. A sad song from keith urban wouldn't go wrong. Keith said that when winter time, the theme park will be closed and there's something sad about it. So here's comes the story said that a men met with a women in the theme park and having good times and felt in love together. She says she'll be back but he's waiting for years and years still there waiting. Keith says this is ''Longing'' where it is really sad. Everytime i listen to this song, just feels like wanna cry, so sad.
Here's one part of the lyrics:

'' I close my eyes and you and I,
Are stuck on the ferris wheel riding with the motion,'
And hand in hand we cried and laughed,
Knowing that love belonged to us, girl if only for a moment,
''Baby, i'll be backed again,'' you whispered in my ears.
But now winter wind is the only sound,
And everything is closing down,
Till summer comes around.''
Well the men is still waiting. I feel like this should be the song i sing to keith...haha.
But this song really highly recommended from me. I've tried listen to this song when it almost dawn. The feeling is much more closer to what Keith said-Longing. (this is because no winter in Malaysia so i just try it before the dawn) Nice and slow sad song.
5. My Heart Is Open*
The second song i like. Well, Keith says he asked his wife in their early relationship how her heart was. She told him her heart is open, so here's comes this song. Keith like he can put anything in his song. However i will like to listen to this song. Feels comfortable and feels like'' My heart is open''.
6. Hit The Ground Running**
Wow this song ROCKS!!! Love this song. Rock plus country. Although the beginning sound a little like Bon Jovi-we got it going on but i've to say that this song is much more better. The lyrics just like I Told You So but this times is keith leave someone he's love although likes he's dont care a shit about her but in the end, he cares too. I feels that i wanna sing this song out loud. Now i hope that Keith go for rock. Bon Jovi will feel threatening too. Haha.
7. Only You Can Love Me This Way
Look at the song title already know that this is a song i write to Keith. Haha just kidding. Dann Huff wrote this song. I dont like the chorus but i like the beginning part. The rhythem is so nice. I think i can listen to it before i want to sleep. It's more like Making Memories Of Us.
8. Standing Right In Front Of You
It's all about love. The music is by Rick Nowels. Keith has no idea about the lyrics and he tries to give up and find the others to help but till he go to England and noticed a guy sitting on the street corner see a girl walk by everyday. He loves the girl and hope that the girl noticed him. So here's comes the lyrics. Not really like about this song. But from the lyrics just found out how amazing can love be.
9. Why It Feels So Long
If I've to eliminate one song from this album, this'll be the song. It got nothing to do with his wife because Keith wrote this because of his wife. The chorus keeps continue, continue and continue makes me feels it's really feels so long. My opinion about this song? Why it feels so long...haha. But the melody is nice. Just don't like the chorus.
10. I'm In
Keith Urban's I'm In is like Bon Jovi's I'm. Well i think i'm confusing both song...haha but it's kinda true. Bon Jovi's one is better. This song isn't bad too. Simple song. But i'll definately listen to this song.
11. Thank You**
GREAT song!!! This is a slow one but meaningful. Wow...i'm stunned. This song best described Keith and till' he met with his wife. Deep down, i've to admit it's good to be Nicole Kidman. Sigh...She got a husband really appreaciate her. I want this kind of husband too. This will be another song for my future wedding song after All About Loving You.....hehe ( think too much isn't it? ) This is the way how Keith says Thank You. Really NICE.....
After listening to all this song, I've to pulled back my words and wait till this album released in Malaysia and I'll buy it. Defying Gravity, is all about love...
Hope i get this album soon....I'll buy it.

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u really wrote soooooo long ah.

i juz see see only, not really into it...haha,lazy.

if u wan buy cd tell me la, i wan buy sth new too