May 28, 2009

No boundaries

No boundaries, the final american idol song actually ain't that bad. I just don't get it why people criticise it. I've listen and i think that it sounds totally completely absolutely like a winning song. Although the lyrics a little not usual than the usual, unique?

Haha however i've listen the both live and studio version that sung by Kris Allen and Adam Lambert. I'm surprised to found out that Adam's studio version is very unique with the different music arrangement compared to Kris's. However i thought that Kris is more suitable to sing this song and he sings better in the live version compared to Adam. (However Adam MIGHT going to be Queen's frontman.....)

Lastly, i still have to say that actually Danny Gokey may sounds much more better if he's the one who sing this song. But what i think that Daughtry and Kelly Clarkson talks about Danny is right. Danny is the one among the top 4 hardest to released an suitable album. Meanwhile Danny wants to participate in Dancing with the Stars. Whoa!

So here's the version of Adam's no boundaries.

And Kris's one....

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