Jun 1, 2009

Twillight zone....

Sigh....after a few months, again i getting lost....again.

Again, i'm suspicious about the road i chose. Am i really suitable for this? I mean how if i really can't get into university. But in the same time i don't know what'm i going to study. However i try to keep myself to stick with science. Since i really hate accounting. Plus, i really cant involve much in my own dreams. Damn it.

Why life have to be like this? Why i can't do something that i like? If at the beginning i stay still with my dreams, will it change? I'm so sad. Because the deeper i get into science, the harder i can get out of it to study another subject.

Life is clueless and aimless....
Actually i've been saying that i really want to study overseas but...i don't even know what i wanna study. Moreover financial problems. Will my future be just like that....Just simply past my whole life. This isn't what i want.I ask my mum will everything be fine after all, that i just let it go, just follow whatever it is. She says no, you have to make a choice.

I really don't know...How good it is if i own a compass of my life. I need a guide but i didnt get one, what can i do.
I'm in the twillight zone....

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