Jun 2, 2009


Recently, there's rumors say that NKU, a.k.a Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is going to adopt a Vietnamese.

However,there's so not true about it. From the adoption centre of Vietnam government speakman. Something like thjat, prove it isn't true.

Urban wearing cute little bunny shirt. So CUTE!!!

Talks about adoption. Actually NKU can consider to adopt me...wakakaka. I really don't mind about it and i'll be so happy. Then the title will be Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban added a Malaysian-chinese daughter to their family by adoption...wakakaka!

Then i'll get to see Uncle Downey...since robert downey jr is very close to nicole kidman. And Uncle Bon Jovi too, since Keith Urban friends with him. That must be soooo good!!!

Okay i'm dreaming again....

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Super OiOi said...

Oh oh it rumours that Nicole Kidman is expecting her second baby with Keith Urban wor....
No chance la,maybe NK even dunno there's a country call Malaysia exists in this world oso.S
So...pray la.