Jun 3, 2009

The sims 2 : Castaway

Actually i played this game few weeks back. Found out, the sims 2 castaway is such a great game. It's mode and game progress is slightly different from usual the sims.

First the story talks about you and a bunch of friends on a yacht party. Suddenly a storm hit your yacht and you seperated with your friends and when you wake up, you found yourself in an island alone.

So it is a story mode. You have to find your friends and explore the island. Besides that, you DONT have to work like The sims the usual do. BUT you have to go find food like stab fish, plug fruits and vegetables, catch chicken or find clams. The most stupid thing is i cant really stab a fish. You have to capture the moment where the fish is near to you that you'll get one. And hunting hog is really dabgerous because the hog will attack you suddenly. So you have to keep your stamina full.

But you have to entertain yourself too like playing music instrument made by clams and berries so you have to collect all the collectibles. Besides that you have to build roof first if not you can't sleep in rainy days or else find a caves. Like what i do, i build my house (not really a house) in a caves. Feel more safety.

The worst part is you have to socialise but there's no one to talk to in the island at first. What you do? Talk to a chimp...=='' Very stupid right? But you have to. Or you can plug a banana and pretend as a phone and talk with the banana. So banana or chimp? You choose either. But if you found your friends then this can be solved.

But the character looks and cloth is limited compared to The Sims 2. But Castaway is made by details. Like male will grows beard when times go by. And our hair will grow longer and longer....Besides, your cloth will scratch and tear if you explore a lot on the island so you wont wear something that is perfect. And when you walk by the mountain or caves wall, that's your shadow there too. When raining, there's thunder too.

So far havent face any problem yet but it's kinda hard to find all the collectible items. I have to travel back to first island to create new stuff like rope by using some leaf and sensai. So difficult.

So there's only things that is not satisfy....Can't create really details human. But can put on beard. Wakakaka. However still looking forward the sims 3. I WILL BUY.

Haha just found out people modify Roberty Downet jr in The Sims 2.

Haha...but not handsome. The real one is better.

Of course there's Brad Pitt, Jared Leto, Tom Cruise, Bon Jovi...and bla bla bla being modify. You guys can take a look. But no Keith Urban yet...but he modified in others games.

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