Jun 7, 2009

Monster V.S Alien

Today i watched Monster VS Alien which is my most anticipate cartoon of the year.

Watch it with my family where my mum feels like she got cheated again by me like last time i bring her along to watch her ''menantu'' (hehe) Robert Downey jr's ironman.

I think this movie not really suitable for kids. Erm i mean it's fun but most kids didnt understand since it's involve with science and chemistry thing and i can see some kids didnt understand and keep asking their parents.

But however this movie didnt much disappoint me. And i like it so much. Wahahaha. I'm so into Hugh Laurie a.k.a Dr.House character's in this movie....Dr.Cockroach. Which is the character where i claim that it is copy from my big eyes monster figure....it looks too alike. I create it before this movie....The cockroach a.k.a Dr. Phd is a mad scientist. And whatever experiment he do, he will make a freaks 's laughter before the experiment. But he's genius.

And Bob the jello monster is cute too, he's brainless...hahaha. He's like whatever story you tell him, later he 'll thought that, that is his story. And the missing link which is a fish that can walk??? They're monster...so here he is. Always like to act tough in front of female. But all is kind monster . ....ooohh almost forgot the insectirous....very HUGE but very CUTE too.

Erm there're plenty of ''stupid'' part in this movie (which is hilarious...) Like Bob the jello thought that jelly is the same kind of his and try to flirt with the JELLY...=='' My mum say this movie is okay okay. My dad enjoy it. I'll say go and check out this movie. It's....rocks! Haha. Finally gotta see my favourite cartoon this year.

Hooray...(my dad still think that i've brought him to watch alien V.S predator...=='' He just can't remember the movie's name.)

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