Jun 9, 2009

Adam Lambert Said It Out

Finally, Adam Lambert admit it on the Rolling Stones magazines that He's gay. Ya, not surprised at all and i think he've done a good job on handling this issue. Here's the link, http://www.rollingstone.com/rockdaily/index.php/2009/06/09/the-new-issue-of-rolling-stone-the-liberation-of-adam-lambert/

I got no offence on gay issue...and i'm okay with it. Personally i think that Adam is kinda cool choosing a RIGHT and HUGE magazine to admit his sexuality. Haha Rolling Stones....wow, even Kris didnt have a interview with RS magazines. And actually gay people is the same like the others, just dont get it why some people like discriminate them.

Of course i dont think i will involve myself in it, but words cant be said too early, sometimes you will regret...haha. Just like Danny didn't comfortable with the gay issue since he's a passion christian just like the green turtle. So i can get it. There're variety of people on earth so....

I think this is the second times Adam on RS. He can be huge...i mean like a real superstar.

Well hopes he makes an album soon. Quite exciting on what kind of album he make.

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