Jun 10, 2009

Demyx is too hard to fight!!!

Oh man, i'm playing Kingdom hearts 2 again....

And this time my opponents is Demyx....ohhh, how can it be? My favourite character of all.

He looks cool but actually he've a really cute personalities....BUT the other problems is he's too strong!!! He fights with his sitar...OMG whenever he start saying Dance water dance~~I feel so bad coz he's too STRONG!

Demyx Pictures, Images and Photos

But actually he don't like fighting althought he is under organization 13th. Sigh...now i just found out he is one of the most frustrating boss fight in KH 2...But i wont give up for that, even the stupid giant lizard in KH can't take me down since i fight with IT for a thousands time for some stupid reason. Although i really like Demyx so much and he's going to died sooner or later. Sad to hear that....

Demyx Pictures, Images and Photos

R.I.P , my dear Demyx....

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