May 27, 2009

What if.....

This is recent what i heard from my friend.

Recent my friend's mom is suspected having cancer. So one day my friend told his mum.

My friend: If one day you're gone (Pass away), i'll follow you too.
His mom: Are you crazy? Even that i'm not here. You can still live.
My friend: No i won't. Without you, what'm i living for.
His mom: (speechless)( walking towards the lying chair and lying on it watching tv)
My friend: ( Squeeze himself together on the lying chair and lying with his mom)
His mom: What're you doing!!!
My friend: I want to check it out whether that a coffin can squeeze in two people.
His mom: (speechless)....

Another day, my mom say she dreams a dream. In the dream, a pass away relatives come to her and say wanna take her away (to hell...). My mom (in the dream) says okay but i have to tell my daughter first.
So she come back to life and told me (in the dreams) that she's going to died soon. I (in the dreams) said no problem and that i can take care of myself.

Then after talks about the dream, my mom ask me how if sudden she pass away. I didn't answer her. But after that i told her i don't know.
Then she ask me to imagine if she really sudden pass away. I told her i dont even want to imagine. Actually i ald feel very bad when she told me to imagine. I don't think i can still live my life without her. Just like the same that my friend told me. How i'm gonna take care of myself. Then i rather i died before her died.

But in the same time, when my friend told me about his story. I ask him how about his father. But when my mom ask me about that, i didnt think about my father too. Just the same like my friend did.

Sometimes in some situation, when we're in panic or scared situation, we never think about the others. We act according to our own feelings. Now i just realize that i totally agree with what Mr malek, english teacher said during our class.

What if this really happens? I really don't know. My mom told me it's going to be happens sooner or later. So be strong to accept the fact although i dont want to. Sad to know this.


Super OiOi said...

actually i do think about this before.
what if one day when i wake up,my mum will not be here anymore??
no doubt that i will be very sad,but after that i suprise to figure out that the first thing i think about is my siblings.
how am i going to raise them well like mom?i will need to earn many many money to provide them a bright future.will i did as goog as my mom?
and then my dad's turn.will he marry again?can i accept a new stepmother.i can't...i'm selfish..i really can't.
i dreamt of my mum died a few times,and everytime i found myself woke up in tears,crying in the dream...
but it is weird that i never dream about my dad die,weird rite??
i hope that day will never come....

little-urbanae said...

Yes actually i feel very sad too.
Actually i feel like i wanna cry when my mum ask me about tat. So i just tell her i dont know.
N the worst part is i dont hav any siblings to share about my feelings after all.
Obviously i dont want other woman to become my mother as well other than my very own mom.
So i really dont know wat 'm i going to do....