May 20, 2009

American Idol season 8 :Kris is the one!!!!

Whoa....I'm so happy when they annouced Kris Allen win.
I'll say it again:

Kris Allen is the American Idol for 2009.

Oh man there must be Keith Urban who bring luck for him because Kris do a duet with him....wakakaa.
It is a really GRAND finale. Guess who come? Cyndi Lauper, Kiss, Queen, Santana, Lionel Richie....only these bunch of SUPERSTAR already make the show great.

Have to say the duet of Keith with Kris. Keith is so nice and he's like looking at Kris when he sings not like other star, they dont even wanna look at you. They sing Kiss A Girl. But my dad ask me that is that Keith and why he looks different? But deep down i dont think that my dad recognised who's keith urban. Maybe he thought that is Bon Jovi.....==''

And Danny Gokey.....hehe sings with Lionel Richie. Danny warms up the stage singing Hello. Nice...he sounds really great then duet with Lionel Richie. Wow, but Danny performs with respect to Lionel Richie. But Lionel is nice enough hold Danny shoulder and kinda like comfort him. However Danny sings really well in the final. I mean performs.

The others still the same and the oil man Michael saver, have to mention that he's great too. He can think about released a country album.

Well, No Boundaries is more suitable for Kris compared to Adam. Kris really deserve to win. He's nice and humble after all. My dad and i were so happy and now going to have our breakfast.
Lastly, Keith looks great. He did works out.
Last but not least, Kris, there's long way to's just the beginning. See you soon......
Congrats too!!!

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Super OiOi said...

i dunno why i suddenly lost interest to AI at finale and grand finale.
is it because danny was voted out already??i can't be ar...
i think adam is quite boring liao,i am only interested with his pretty face.
adam as usual is very entertaining,especially the part when he sing the rock song with the ghost like human who paint their face like ghost.
Anyway,this is the best and the most entertaining season of AI i have watched.It successful to catch my eye.
Congrats to Kris and good luck to Adam and Danny!