Feb 19, 2010

Cyril Simply Magic : Kuala Lumpur

Finally, got the chance to watch the replay for Cyril Simply Magic at AXN during chinese new year (Gong Xi Gong Xi.....)

Two words to describe......Simply Magic (No sarcastic meaning in it, I mean simply magic, back to the purest magic....just simply magic)

Well, Cyril went to plenty of places in KL. Batu caves, Bukit Bintang, KLCC, Kampung Banting...and actually he went to Genting as well (Not in the show but he did went to genting, don't ask me why I know about it....because I'll tell you, because this is SIMPLY rock it heartless!!! Haha, okay not funny.)

He did some really cool magic, transforming daun daun (leaf) into butterfly, making KLCC puzzle which is in 3D, the orange-lemon-egg-chic chain (chic mean simply chic, baby chicken, don't get it wrong....I love this MAGIC, cyril prefer we called it as magic instead of trick.)

When cyril come to KL, Pop Shuvit is the one to welcome him (Pop Shuvit is kinda huge in japan....) They made a song called Magic Man for Cyril (Ehem, honestly i think freakshow is better, no offend!!!)

Hari raya, Cyril with Pop Shuvit...

Cyril did some magic where he perform in Japan before like the express cloths changing, the indian jasmine threads (he did the express scarf in Japan, same concept) but I love the orange chic chains magic he did. Cyril speaks some Malay when he performing the magic, like AYAM (there's AYAM in Cyril's name which is Cyril Takayama...haha I know it's sound stupid....oh ayam mean chicken) The magic he did is he tranform a chick into an egg, an egg into a lemon, a lemon into an orange, and when he cut the orange, there's a lemon, when he cut the lemon, there's an egg, when he break the egg, there's a chick!!! (@_@) COOL!

He attend and perform at a Sony Ericsson event in KL as well.

Cyril is one of the coolest magician I saw so far. He's really creative, of course this is efforts from his crew and Enrico too (One of magic X member and consultant for some of Cyril's magic). Well, you guys should check out Cyril Simply Magic because it's simply magic, watch and enjoy the magic.

(PS : The ring magic performed by Cyril is so funny, visually or magically but he's kinda cool)

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hey there, do you have the picture of cyril and pamela chong during the cyril: simply magic episodes in malaysia?? If you have...email me at mdiskandarsyah@yahoo.co.uk