Dec 9, 2008

Intimate relationship in HAND interview

I like jon's smirk...hmm where's richie??

That is freakin' funny on the HAND interview that i saw on youtube. I dont know whether richie is drunk or what...he talks like???

So cool together....

Erhh not a word to describe!! When the host ask what misconception that really bother them (bon jovi member), richie answer seriously saying that is a rumours say that he has a small xxxxx and then he laugh. So when the host want to continue, he keep saying that is big....ok i really dont want to talk further about this but it is real funny. And he act cute in that interview too. He's funny.

Then when come across with david bryan the pianist, he say that ''We're like to having fun with each other...'' OOOhhh!!! then he quickly explain not playing in the way that we are thinking..haha. They afraid some really intimate relationship reveal to us. Then he says that jon can dunk a basketball although he is the shortest among them.....(not really, but HE CAN DUNK!!!)
Jon serenade to richie....?? Yes it can be...haha
Meanwhile, jon hate the most when it comes to photo session and music video shooting. He said he feel painful when he did it and during the interview he cursing all the time in a rockstar way, haha. There are one part when he is interviewed, suddenly he told the producer: ''hey i'm fxxxing working here....Fxxxing working ya know'' i try to tawk,'' Haha he talks in a jersey accent ya of course he's jersey boy.And when they ask david about what they are like now. David answer it in a very serious way and he said we are like young angry 18 years old then he added i'm just kidding jon. haha he like to play with jon. Jon then say i like the keyboard especially his handsome tooth ( david's tooth). Oh richie will be jealous then. And in the video they like record it without letting 4 of them know they are recording....and guess what i saw....behind the photo session jon walk so close to richie and start grad richie shirt and shaking it but of course richie hold jon arms too....they are really brothers!!!! ( i consider them as brothers coz they havent reach the level they kiss each other although i saw it before...)
They are like a big family....this is what tico said the drummer. and i'm agree with him, working together for 20 years and still the same person trusting you, that is what i most proud of, jon added. Whoa it is so touching...BROTHERS!!!

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