Dec 14, 2008

thanks for the birthday present!!!

Yesterday i just found out something
Dont you think that RDJ looks like
tamama, both have a big big eyes haha

Now i'm officially thanks for the present that the green thing (SIRIM company ) and the red cat...

Thank you Thank you!!!

It such a suprise when i still wondering about the magazine then the red cat keep asking me where i hide the magazine...haha coz i dont want other people to saw it since it is the last piece that left.

See RDJ achievement!!!

That is really funny coz when the red cat keep ask and ask and ask where i hide it,at that point i still wondering whether to buy it or nor and moreover where i hide the magazine doesn't bother the red cat so i'm like ignore the cat at first. Then after i show to the cat then ''it'' tell me that the green thing already discuss to buy it as a present.

Like this nice!!!

haha what a suprise!!!

Wall E is also one of the entertainer
of the year...

Of course we didnt miss out the dark
knight..i mean the joker...Salute!!

And there are much more funny journey with the cat after those green thing went home with the tortoise and the coconut. There are twoconsider as handsome guys asking for direction and i didnt listen properly then just answer YES!!! Before we take the train, the cat and i found that there is a TOWER RECORD on the opposite, this never appear before. And we begin our journey. I was so afraid of misleading the 2 consider handsome guy and after one stop, both go off the train and i know i should said no at the begin
When the train go on and on something really weird happen because the cat and i reacxh a station call chow kit and ya know what, we never reach a station that call chow kit in the way back before. Then we just run out of the train because we dont want to be like harry potter like what he reach when he take the train.....
We quickly take another train because there are many chicken there...that is DANGEROUS!!!
Then we make sure we take on the right train on the way back.......we confirm all the station each we reach.....Then we saw valkyrie on the way back too....a guy with an eye patch. And we reach home safely but is very late at the night....On another day, when we talk about the journey again we just found that the train that we take is slightly lie to one side due to overload....Cant believe!!!

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