Jun 12, 2009

Night At The Museum 2

This movie is awesome!!!!

And i think it is much more funny than Night At The Museum 1...(Most of the sequel of an movie is worst than the first one...). I thought that since we know all the character in the first one so the second one will be bored. BUT it is a NO...it is fun because much more new character is involved like Einstein, Mr Lincon, Dark Vaders from Star War (he's real funny in this movie, and not that evil...), the cupid, the thinkers, and many more.

The whole story didnt bored me. I'm freaking love the 3 cupid when they come alive in the night and start to sing...Bee gees song with beat boxing...and singing my heart will go on in the ''right'' times. They even sing Jo Bros song...lovebug. They're so cute!!!

And actually the thinker...in this movie is sooo....SIGH. Only interested in girls....=='' But he's so masculine.

Einstein is very funny too. They're like those shaking head dolls...bunch of them-EINSTEIN!!! They mention about Pi too. Remember, maths things that we learn in form 6. Haha.

The part where Amelia the first women who fly by plane to the atlantic fell in love in Ben Stiller character but couldnt be with him because she's just a dolls or should i say wax. That part is very sad. Arrrr this movie is so good!!!

That's why the box office is so damn good. You know last time there was like Robert Downey jr making movie with Ben stiller, Robert like showing how cool it is he's as ironman, showing him the picture and things. And now you know what...I think Ben Stiller can shows Downey how cool he is in this movie and all the picture stuff to him. Thumbs up for Ben Stiller!!!

Must watch this movie before it is off screen. And remember dont straight away go out of the cinema after the movie ends. There's still little scene which is quite ''cool'' in the end.

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