Jun 29, 2009

Black iron man suits???

Em I've been reading rumors talks about Iron Man 2 that the suit will be in black color...which is modified by Tony stark.

Gosh, he's hot enough...i mean Robert Downey jr....a black iron man suit....Woowoo~~

Of course this time Stan Lee....which well known with his involvement in each marvel movie will be cameo in Iron Man 2. There's rumors said that he 'll be the Larry King in Iron Man world interview Tony Stark.....Arhh can't wait for that.

The cast of Iron Man 2 is really a strongest attractive point although without them, if only RDJ i'm okay with it too. But with Don Cheadle replacing Terrence Howard....I'm quite confidence with him although i'll hope that Terrence still the one. And Mickey Rourke and Scarlett Johanssen who will respectively be Tony Stark 's enemy and ''lover''. Wow....cool. Not to forget to mention Jon Favreau the director as happy hoogan, Tony Stark's driver and bodyguard in the movie....Many didnt noticed about that. I'm very interesting with this haha. Director as a cameo actor. Samuel L jackson in it too. Gwyneth Paltrow....this character should played by me...wakaka. Just kidding.

So it will be released somewhere around may like Iron Man first released date. Wait for that....

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