Jun 17, 2011

Pottermore, a "secret letter" from JK Rowling

Calling all Potter fans!!! JK Rowling has sent an owl with a message to us lately, the Pottermore, it's a website that become a massive phenomenon, at least in the wizarding and Potterhead world. People wondering, what is this Pottermore all about?

It's not from Hogwarts, not from Dumbledore but from JK Rowling, the writer....

It's killing all the Potter fans as all of them trying to dig this thingy out!

Here's the link to the Pottermore website : http://www.pottermore.com/

It's a website with JK Rowling signature stating there "Coming soon" with the two owls standing besides. Then, there's a HIDDEN link in the website itself which lead you to a video saying that JK Rowling will be having a BIG announcement next Wednesday or Thursday, with a clock tickling there, counting down the BIG day coming to us.

Well based on the title, Pottermore, it's definately has something to do with Harry Potter. More Potter? Well, from my own observation and analysis.....I'm a terrible investigator, there are two owls from the Pottermore website and 6 owls from the video website...stating there the owls are gathering, find out why. So, it can be the book 8....Harry Potter 8 where JK Rowling state the possibility saying that she will do the 8th book for charity if she ever write it. This can be the charity one, or Pottermore, maybe she decide to do a prequels.....which I will be on cloud nine. The other possibility will be, it's either a Potter related online gaming or a Potter social networking site....urgh, yes....that's what I'm predicting.

Here you go, what is Pottermore based on Urbanae's view :
-it can be....Harry Potter book number 8, which I have no idea what's all about because You-Know-Who no longer here other than write about Potter and the gang happily ever after life.
-it can be....Potter the prequel, let's talk about how the Marauders, Snape, Voldy and the rest when they were young....that would be really INTERESTING!
-it can be....Harry Potter online game, pretty cool....let's see which house you belong to and how you fight against each other.
-it can be...social networking site only for the Potterheads. Yessss.....

Whatever it is.....we will know when the day come. NOOOOOOO! I wanna know it now. Anyone know where to find JK Rowling...??? She needs to tell me NOW! Like RIGHT NOW....!!! *searching for fireplace and Floo powder*

(PS : Oh JK Rowling is sooo bad, squeezing my brain!!! I'm definately not belong to Ravenclaw.)

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