Jun 19, 2011

My Worst Nightmare at McDonald : Receipt soaking in their drinks!!!

At this moment, I'm feeling angry, like really angry and disappointed after having a McValue set at McDonald. Why? Well, let me tell you guys, my miserable experience at McD which happened today, ya....Father's day! Not the services, or the staff....

So, me and my dad have a drive-thru at Aman Puri McDonald's and bought a set of McValue McNuggets and ice creams. We get back home and have our McD meals, enjoy a father-daughter happy lunch time together and things turn out to be a rather terrify and horrify lunch time.

Was sipping the McD coke that I almost finish and hand it over to my Dad....so my Dad open the cap to finish it off and guess what......WE FOUND A RECEIPT INSIDE THE DRINKS!!!!! You didn't hear us wrong, it's a piece of receipt!!!! Check out the photos below.

First glance, we thought it's a paper which ald shock enough for us!

Soaking inside the drink.....

Dad grab it out and....it's a receipt!

Close up : the receipt!

Shock us to the max and first thought came in my mind, what the heck I've been drinking, a receipt paper in the McD drinks, I wanna know what else in there!!! So, this is how McDonald deals with their food hygiene control!!!!!???? You have a HUGE PIECE of RECEIPT PAPER IN YOUR DRINK!!!! This is how one of the biggest worldwide fast food franchise store, McDonald dealing with their food and serve it to the customer!?? I'm very angry, disappointing as I've been eating McDonald for YEARS!!!! McDonald's slogan I'm lovin', it is not working for me now, it's rather like I'm disgusted and hatin' it.

This is my receipt for buying the McValue set today where the receipt in the drink incident happened to me.

I hope McDonald's take action of this, you guys are really disappointing me by having this kinda food services, control or management (I don't know how to call this...) which me and my dad has ingested the drink WITH THAT PIECE OF RECEIPT SOAKING IN IT!!!!! Oh my goodness!!!!

(PS : Please do check out your foods and drinks before you eat or drink! This is a really worst nightmare for me at McD. :( )


Theeggyolks said...

did you go back to complain?

Haffiz MohdNoor said...

that worst!! pitty to your father :(

Anonymous said...

bad Food Safety and Sanitation! :((

Herine said...

gosh! this is terrible!
did Mcd contact u regards to this?

reanaclaire said...

hey, u didnt complain to them? there is one time a baby cockroach was on top swimming in my drink.. no, not in McD but in a franchise outlet too.. i posted it in my blog.. quite some time ago.. i complained but they replaced it.. sigh..

Urbanae said...

Theeggyolks, reanaclaire: Nope, what they will do is just replace you a new coke without doing anything if I go back to complain. This isn't a small issue, it's a receipt paper in their drinks so I hope they will take action on this. Felt horrible.

Haffiz MohdNoor: Ya, Father's day turn out to be something like this. :(

Sa Y. : Wonder how they could have a piece of receipt in the drinks.:(

Herine: They haven't contact me, I've try to reach them. I mean at least I need to let them know what happened to my drinks that purchase from them. Urgh.