Jun 21, 2011

Castrol Magnatec Launching Event

Was invited to the Castrol Magnatec Launch by G Plus few weeks ago, took me so long to have this event posted....as I'm busying prepping as a freak scientist in lab for my project, out of topic.

Okay back to the event, it's held at Midvalley where Castrol the very fist company launching Castrol Magnatec by incorporating the Augmented Reality technology. So, we're brief by Mark Ng, the marketing director of Castrol Malaysia and Singapore!

Mark Ng briefing us the Castrol technology using technology, iPad 2....

He's checking out the AR technology .

Protected by the Castrol Magnatec oil from the dino using the AR interaction screen.

Interviewed by 8tv Quickie.

Q&A session.

This campaign is mainly about the importance of Instant Protection and explaining how the Castrol Magnatec protect the engine wear from friction problem. Castrol Magnatec will be having an innovative online AR game at their facebook page. Augmented Reality is always my favorite technology especially it comes to gaming and the last VGA is using the technology impress me well. But I never thought of a oil company like Castrol would have make use of AR technology to launch the Castrol Magnatec, this is real cool!

Media provided an opportunity to try out the game.

No more worry that Dino will bite and damage your engine with Castrol Magnatec.

An engine model.....

The Castrol Magnatec roadshow will be having around Malaysia. The last stop will be at One Utama Shoppping Centre at August. So stop by and check it out!

(PS : I start to love launching event! And one blogger from Nuffnang won an iPad 2, how cool it is!)

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